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Dear Pamela,

I took a few days to digest the inner guidance I received after working with
the first results from originally ordering this same spell.

Today I chose to go ahead and follow that guidance to "do it again" with
this particular spell and the
Attract A New Love spell.

Today  I just ordered the new
money spell as I am still digesting and
working with what was revealed by the first castings of the Attract a New
Love Spell.

In both cases the guidance I received was from my own self telling me that
casting these spells again, is not only a boost to the magic of course, it also
symbolizes my willingness to be successful in receiving more than I was
ever willing to before in these areas.

That is part of the fun, the adventure with soul and spirit, true self and
higher self and love itself, and part of the motivation, for casting again and
going further and beyond and more deeply  in the receiving of this magic
for this
Path of Prosperity and the other when and if I do order that to cast
again. As always, I appreciate the powerful and effective and very
organized and excellent work that you do, and the service you make
available to me and others with such high quality and caring and love.

With Peace, and Love Itself,

JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn
Hello Mistress,

I want to thank you for the spell you cast for me
Good Vibrations ...on
March 29
I didn't know what to expect... But the night you did it.. I really had a
unusual feeling.. I felt soo different... I did a lot of work around the house
suddenly i had all this energy...
I have had this part time job for 4 years and 4 months.. and have tried
unsuccessfully to get full time talking to many different people throughout
the years .... For some reason this girl conv the manager ; who always said
no to me before agreed to give me full time .. .IT was a miracle..... !!!!!!!!

Thank you so much .. You can do miracles.......... something that seemed
soo impossible happened......

From EL Paso TExas
Dear Mistress,

I don't know if you will remember me, I am the attorney from New York who
ordered a few of your spells to help a client of mine? Great news! An
innocent man is now free thanks to your help! I knew he was innocent even
though the evidence against him was overwhelming. Shortly after ordering
the spells
Helping Hand, Everythings Going My Way, Wall of Protection
Divine Guidance all these strange and unexpected things started
happening! It's like your spell casting set into motion an entire series of
events, a powerful and beneficial chain reaction that never could have
happened otherwise.

People we couldn't find, came out of nowhere, new evidence was uncovered
from the most unexpected sources, prior witnesses changed their testimony
to my clients benefit, etc, etc, etc

I know that I never could have won this case without you!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I have placed a new order for two
of my other clients, and I look forward to a long and lasting relationship with

Thanks again! Sylvia
Your spells really DO
work! Thanks to you,
we BOTH found
our soulmate!
Love, D.B. & J. M.
Wow! You're the
best!!! I got the job!
Now I'm making
twice as much as I
was before!!! David
Dear Ms. Joy,

Some good news! I
blame you for this,
(laugh), I have met the
most wonderful guy,
and I really
think I have fallen
in REAL love for
the first time in my
life. He is extremely
intelligent, sensual,
loving, and I
absolutely adore
And, even more
importantly, he
absolutely adores me!
I think we will
be very happy
together for a very
long time to come!

Keep up the
good work.
People need you.
I NEED you!!!

Kay H.
Reverend Joy,

I just wanted to extend
my thanks
to you as a
repeated customer.
I am aware that
your spells do not
need refreshing
per se, but every
time I have ordered
with you the most
astonishing and
wonderful things
have happened,
and it's always
been an amazingly
positive few weeks
or months after,
which is why I keep
coming back.
It is great to know that
there is a helping hand
out there whenever I
feel the need for it.

All the best &
blessed be,
Book of Shadows
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