Relationship Spells
Do you need a special someone to think about you
often? This love spell works by helping them to
remember and focus on good, positive loving thoughts
about you. No matter where they go, no matter what
they do, it just seems like everything reminds them of
you, making it very difficult for them to stop thinking of
you. This is also a great spell to gain someone's
interest. Making this a specially useful spell for those
of you who are shy. The purpose of the spell Think
About Me is NOT to "make" the other person think
about you. It is to get life experiences to remind them
of you and your good times together. The spell does
NOT control the person's thoughts, feelings or
behavior. For example, they might be talking to a
friend on the phone who happens to mention a good
time you shared together, then they just happen to run
into another person who also mentions you, or they
just happen to run across a letter you wrote while
looking for their phone bill, a commercial on TV might
remind them of a fun time you shared, etc. The spell
does NOT enter their mind to control their thoughts in
any way. But, life itself will bring constant reminders to
their conscious awareness in order to help them
remember the good times and why you were attracted
to each other in the first place. White magic NEVER
seeks to control another person's thoughts, feelings or
behavior. Nor will it force them to take action on their
good memories of being with you.
Think About Me Spell

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Not everyone's situation is the same, nor are the causes, therefore, it is not possible for
everyone to experience the exact same results in the exact same amount of time.

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Book of Shadows
Dear Ms. Joy,

Some good news! I
blame you for this,
(laugh), I have met the
most wonderful guy,
and I really
think I have fallen
in REAL love for
the first time in my
life. He is extremely
intelligent, sensual,
loving, and I
absolutely adore
And, even more
importantly, he
absolutely adores me!
I think we will
be very happy
together for a very
long time to come!

Keep up the
good work.
People need you.
I NEED you!!!

Kay H.
Reverend Joy,

I just wanted to extend
my thanks
to you as a
repeated customer.
I am aware that
your spells do not
need refreshing
per se, but every
time I have ordered
with you the most
astonishing and
wonderful things
have happened,
and it's always
been an amazingly
positive few weeks
or months after,
which is why I keep
coming back.
It is great to know that
there is a helping hand
out there whenever I
feel the need for it.

All the best &
blessed be,
Your spells really DO
work! Thanks to you,
we BOTH found our
Love, D.B. & J. M.
Wow! You're the best!!! I
got the job! Now I'm
making twice as much
as I was before!!! David
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