Psychic Ability Spells
These Psychic Ability Spells are specially designed to help you develop various
psychic & intuitive abilities, through a strengthened Spiritual Connection to your
Higher Power. These Psychic Ability Spells have all been tried and tested and
only the most effective Spells are included here.

We all inherently possess the ability to experience
more than what we see in our normal waking
consciousness. If we want to awaken our higher
abilities we must learn to
trust the messages we
receive and know that the only restrictions are those
that we place on ourselves. This spell has been
specially created to help you tap into that Higher
Spiritual part of yourself, to help lift the veil of
restrictions to help you become more aware of the
most POWERFUL part of you.
If you need guidance from a higher, spiritual plane, if
you would like to be Divinely guided to your highest
good, and if you would like help in making those BIG
decisions in life, this is just the spell you need. Start
becoming more and more aware of "knowing" what is
the best thing to do, and what is the best way to
accomplish it. You will feel as if some "Higher Power" is
lovingly and gently showing you exactly what to do and
the best way to do it, in order to accomplish your
goals! This spell helps you tap into the knowledge and
wisdom of your Higher Self in order to make the best
choices from the options available.

Tap into the wisdom and psychic knowledge of your
subconscious mind by remembering more of your
dreams. Dreams are often a way for your
subconscious to give you messages, warnings and
insight you otherwise would not have access to. Once
this spell is cast it is important to keep a pad of paper
or notebook and pen or pencil handy, next to the bed.
DO NOT keep it in the bed! When you wake up, write
down as much detail as you can. Then write a brief
sentence on what you think your dream is trying to tell
you. In no time at all you will begin to understand the
special messages your dreams are trying to tell you!

This Enlightenment Spell helps expand your
consciousness to infinite proportions, with the goal of
understanding and becoming one with the Divine. This
spell helps you to see how everything is connected by
helping you ground and center yourself and helping
you better understand limiting thought patterns. When
there is no cloudiness about your purpose, and your
goals, everything seems clear and your feeling about
life is secure. As you learn to pay close attention, you
will be able to bring the light of awareness into the
darkest corners of your own psyche. This
Enlightenment Spell can bring Spiritual Enlightenment
and welcome changes if you allow it.
Enlightenment Spell

This spell will help you make contact with your Spirit
Guides and learn how to communicate with them. They
have lived many lifetimes and gained much wisdom
and they would like to share it with you. They usually
approach gently in a flash of insight, or they could
show themselves to you in many possible forms. Your
Spirit Guides are ready and waiting to help and assist
you in any way they can. Connect with and develop a
working relationship with your Spirit Guides.

If you would like to have your dreams show you what
the future holds, this is just the psychic spell you're
looking for! You will begin noticing that your dreams
become more vivid and easier and easier to
remember. Then you will become aware that if you
focus on something or someone specific with the
desire to learn what will happen, you may often dream
of that situation or person, seeing them in the future
and knowing what will happen. This can help to avert
potential problems as well as help take advantage of
upcoming opportunities!

Psychic attack can come in many forms. The negative
thoughts and emotions of others can influence us at
the subconscious level in ways you may never even
notice. Developing a strong psychic self-defense can
improve your overall well-being and your ability to deal
with negative people and situations. This spell helps to
train your subconscious mind to automatically perform
a variety of psychic self defense techniques, providing
you with increased, automatic resistance to external
negative influences of every kind, as well as a strong
conscious defense from the intentional psychic attacks
of others.
Psychic Protection

Strengthen and increase the effectiveness of your
intuition! This magic spell works with your higher self
and your subconscious mind to make you more aware
of just how powerful and accurate your intuition really
is. You begin to realize that it is not enough to be
aware of what your intuition is trying to tell you, it must
be followed to be of benefit to you. It will draw you into
situations, and to people that will help you gain
confidence in using this important ability. This will help
you to realize that by following your intuition you will
always be in the right place, at the right time, doing the
right thing.
Cast Once $25
Double the Power!
Cast Twice $45
Triple the Power!
Cast Thrice $65
Cast Once $25
Double the Power!
Cast Twice $45
Triple the Power!
Cast Thrice $65
Cast Once $25
Double the Power!
Cast Twice $45
Triple the Power!
Cast Thrice $65
Cast Once $25
Double the Power!
Cast Twice $45
Triple the Power!
Cast Thrice $65
Cast Once $25
Double the Power!
Cast Twice $45
Triple the Power!
Cast Thrice $65
Cast Once $25
Double the Power!
Cast Twice $45
Triple the Power!
Cast Thrice $65
Cast Once $25
Double the Power!
Cast Twice $45
Triple the Power!
Cast Thrice $65
Cast Once $25
Double the Power!
Cast Twice $45
Triple the Power!
Cast Thrice $65
Your spells really DO
work! Thanks to you,
we BOTH found
our soulmate!
Love, D.B. & J. M.
Wow! You're the
best!!! I got the job!
Now I'm making
twice as much as I
was before!!! David
Dear Ms. Joy,

Some good news! I
blame you for this,
(laugh), I have met the
most wonderful guy,
and I really
think I have fallen
in REAL love for
the first time in my
life. He is extremely
intelligent, sensual,
loving, and I
absolutely adore
And, even more
importantly, he
absolutely adores me!
I think we will
be very happy
together for a very
long time to come!

Keep up the
good work.
People need you.
I NEED you!!!

Kay H.
Reverend Joy,

I just wanted to extend
my thanks
to you as a
repeated customer.
I am aware that
your spells do not
need refreshing
per se, but every
time I have ordered
with you the most
astonishing and
wonderful things
have happened,
and it's always
been an amazingly
positive few weeks
or months after,
which is why I keep
coming back.
It is great to know that
there is a helping hand
out there whenever I
feel the need for it.

All the best &
blessed be,
Book of Shadows
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