Simple, Easy Spells for the Beginner
Are you looking for simple, easy spells for the beginner? People often ask me
why spells are so difficult and complicated. Spells are difficult and complicated for
a reason. You see, the whole purpose of a spell is to focus your concentrated
psychic, spiritual energy toward a specific goal. In many ways spells are similar to
prayers, and yet, in many ways they are also different.

In Witchcraft and spell work you must start with the understanding that you are
part of and One with the Divine Creative Forces of the Universe.

Spells are structured the way they are, in order to help you first concentrate, and
strengthen that spiritual, psychic energy. Once that energy is built up to a level of
strength, it must then be directed toward and focused on the desired results. If a
spell calls for an ingredient that is hard to find, it requires you to focus more
energy into obtaining that ingredient, than if you could simply walk over and take it
out of your kitchen cupboard.

If a spell takes several days, or even weeks to complete all of the steps, this also
requires focused energy for a prolonged period of time, building that energy level
to greater and greater heights. This means there will be much more focused
energy to direct toward your goal.

For these reasons, a
simple, easy spells for the beginner with promised fast
results is not necessarily a better one and will probably not yield good, long-term

Just like with anything else, the more you practice spell casting, the better at it you
will become. Very experienced spell casters eventually find they can yield
excellent results without using props. This is because they have mastered the
ability to concentrate and focus their energy on the results desired.

With practice, you too can master this ability. Eventually you will find yourself
achieving better and better results with every spell you cast.

The effectiveness of a spell is not determined by how simple or difficult a spell is,
but rather by how good the spell caster is at concentrating, focusing on and
directing their energy toward a specific goal.

The most vital step in casting any spell is KNOWING that your goal is already
accomplished. Wanting it, hoping for it, or wishing it would work is just NOT
enough! You must KNOW that you already have it!

Once you have perfected this step, you will be able to cast ANY spell with great

You will then be a Master Spell Caster!
Your spells really DO
work! Thanks to you,
we BOTH found
our soulmate!
Love, D.B. & J. M.
Wow! You're the
best!!! I got the job!
Now I'm making
twice as much as I
was before!!! David
Dear Ms. Joy,

Some good news! I
blame you for this,
(laugh), I have met the
most wonderful guy,
and I really
think I have fallen
in REAL love for
the first time in my
life. He is extremely
intelligent, sensual,
loving, and I
absolutely adore
And, even more
importantly, he
absolutely adores me!
I think we will
be very happy
together for a very
long time to come!

Keep up the
good work.
People need you.
I NEED you!!!

Kay H.
Reverend Joy,

I just wanted to extend
my thanks
to you as a
repeated customer.
I am aware that
your spells do not
need refreshing
per se, but every
time I have ordered
with you the most
astonishing and
wonderful things
have happened,
and it's always
been an amazingly
positive few weeks
or months after,
which is why I keep
coming back.
It is great to know that
there is a helping hand
out there whenever I
feel the need for it.

All the best &
blessed be,
Book of Shadows
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Not everyone's situation is the same, nor are the causes, therefore, it is not possible for
everyone to experience the exact same results in the exact same amount of time.

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